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Looking for a Certified Water Damage Company?

Action 1 Restoration is the brand rely on if you are searching for excellent high-quality black water damage assistance in Newark, DE. For years, our company have developed a name for our company as being the authority in residential as well as industrial repair work in the state of Delaware. Our industry experts in water damage will get the house back to its original state effectively as well as correctly. The restoration procedure for business properties & residential homes require a slightly different process and in some cases slightly different tools. Several building contractors are experts in residential homes or specialize in industrial because of these concerns. Action 1 Restoration of Newark can handle residential homes, commercial properties and industrial buildings. Our local partners have experts that can take care of both residential homes & industrial restoration projects. Our local expert team in Newark, DE offers some of the quickest reaction times to these catastrophes as we comprehend as well as know the faster, we get started, the less additional damage there will be.

Our local team understand that our previous customers appreciated the fast response our localized crew in Newark, DE provided & our local team will do the same for you. We lower the damage to your commercial building or home by acting fast, which reduces the amount of secondary damage caused by the flood or shattered water pipe.

All Property Types

Action 1 Restoration of Newark is a water damage provider for both commercial and residential properties. Our local team of contractors in Newark has served the city for many years now. We know how to handle commercial buildings and homes that need to be restored after any water or flood damage tragedy.

Specialty Equipment

Beyond training our clean up experts, we make sure that they have the right tools to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. This is why we invest in specialty equipment and partner with local likeminded contractors. All these tools are there to help our team perform their jobs quickly and provide you outstanding services. For water removal, we use pumps, dehumidifiers, and disinfectants, just to name a few.

Prompt Response

If you are in need of water damage mitigation in Newark Delaware, Action 1 Restoration of Newark is the name that you can trust. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, ready to respond to your calls at any given time. You can expect us to typically arrive at your door within 60 minutes, ready to take on the challenge of getting your property fixed ASAP.

Highly Trained

At A1R of Newark, we take pride in our team of dedicated professional restorers. Specializing in different kinds of renovation jobs, each member has received extensive training to provide the best mitigation services in the state of Delaware. We try to make sure our local partners also have the credentials, certifications and qualifications for water damage.

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Why Choose The A1R of Newark Team for Water Damage!

Why Utilize Us as well as Our Process for Water Damage

Our local partners can handle any repair or rebuild following a natural emergency disaster like a flood or broken/burst water pipe in your property or office. IICRC licensed contractors are the standard when it comes to cleaning/restoration projects & our company makes an effort to partner with IICRC certified companies. We are here for you twenty-four hours a day as a trusted restoration contractor in Newark. Our guarantee to you is that you’ll be 100% pleased with every one of our services from the moment you call us until we've finished the cleanup & repairs to your house.

Some Of The Action 1 Restoration of Newark Professional Services:

  • Fast Arrival Times
  • We File Your Claim
  • Fast 24 hr Professional Services
  • Extraction of Water and Dryout Solutions
  • We Offer Sewage Cleanups as well as Repairs
  • Disinfection And Odor Removal
  • Disinfection to Reduce Mold Chances
  • Flood Damage Services
  • Burst Water Line or Broken Water Heater Mitigation

Some of the Most Common Causes:

  • Water pipes leaking or breaking
  • Toilets Leaking Water
  • Appliance Leaking Water
  • Flooding From Storms
  • Faucet Leaks
  • Leaking from the Roof
  • AC System Malfunction
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